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DiaMark™ Diamond Tipped Stylus

Productivity Advantages:

DiaMark diamond tipped stylus was originally developed for marking jet engine parts. Utilizing a patent pending diamond orientation technology licensed from Pratt & Whitney, Kitzel offers a marking stylus with many benefits for the user:

  • Longer life (up to 100 times the life of carbide tools)
  • Reduced rejection rates
  • Cleaner, high contrast marks
  • More accurate reads
  • Less downtime for tool changing
  • Lower cost per mark
  • Less force to obtain indention depth
  • Greater predictability of tool wear

Engineering & Custom Design:

The DiaMark stylus can be produced for any marking system produced anywhere in the world. They can be manufactured from existing prints or from the system manufacturer’s specifications. In addition, our engineers can design a tool from samples of carbide tools or can develop a stylus to meet your specific marketing needs or to solve marking problems.  We can recommend designs to work with many different materials. Shanks can be manufactured using various alloys to extend tool life and eliminate marking problems. Diamond geometry is reviewed to produce maximum efficiency and diamonds are ground to design specifications that provide the greatest stylus performance and highest contrast indentions.

Stylus Sizes and Models:

Kitzel can produce marking tools in any diameter or length to meet an application's specifications. Standard tool sizes range from 3/32" to 5/8" in diameter and about 6" in length. However, both larger and smaller sizes can be produced.


Many standard sizes are in stock for immediate shipment. Overnight delivery is available. Special orders or unique designs can generally be produced in 4-6 weeks.


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