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About Us

E. C. Kitzel and Sons was founded in 1927 by Edward Carl Kitzel, a master toolmaker.  Since that time the company has earned an international reputation for manufacturing top quality precision super abrasive cutting tools.  This combination of craftsmanship and modern manufacturing techniques has enabled E. C. Kitzel and Sons to provide “made-to-print” tooling designed to fill a variety of demanding ferrous and non-ferrous applications for our customers.

E. C. Kitzel and Sons is dedicated to meeting your most stringent tooling requirements.  We use “State of The Art” EDM and edge grinding equipment to ensure proper finish and maximum tool life. 

Call us. Our technically trained representatives and engineering staff are valuable resources to you when you need specific advice regarding proper applications for super abrasive tooling. 


E. C. Kitzel & Sons, Inc.
12340 Plaza Dr.
Parma, OH 44130-1043

Tel: 216.267.6850
Toll Free: 800.227.0431 (Outside Ohio)
Fax: 216.267.6714




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E. C. Kitzel & Sons, Inc.  l   12340 Plaza Dr. | Parma, OH 44130-1043   l   TF: 1.800.227.0431   l   P: 216.267.6850   l    F: 216.267.6714

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