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Commutator Turning Tools

Kitzel diamond tipped turning tools can be used on all brands of commutator turning lathes. Metric shank tools are also available for use on imported machines.


  • All tools are polished to a micro mirror finish
  • Ultra sharp cutting edges; free of chips
  • Tool geometry engineered to give you the micro finish you need
  • Clean cutting tool leaves no chips or burs in the air gaps
  • Tools held to tightest tolerances
  • All tools optically inspected for quality
  • Longer tool life; more parts per tool
  • More relaps per tool; helps lower tooling costs


 Tool Style C G H
 MM or FF* 375-R
 Radius Tooling
20° .010
20° .015
20° .020
25° .010
25° .015
25° .020
 MM or FF* 375-R
 Chamfer (Flat)
20° .010
20° .015
20° .020
25° .010
25° .015
25° .020

* FF for Synthetic Diamond
* MM for Natural Diamond


PCD Tipped Bearings

  • Standard V-Blocks
  • Custom built V-Blocks

PCD Tipped End Stops

  • Custom built end stops


Kitzel Commutator Tool Geometry (Drawing)


Kitzel “Top of the Line” Commutator Skiving Tools (Drawing)

Our “Top of the Line” Commutator Tool is an original Kitzel design. No other toolmaker can match this tool.


  • Cleans the slots of the commutator with drag over
  • Gives a uniform cut with minimum working pressure
  • Combination of shear type action and skiving cut
  • Non-interrupted cut reduces shock on the diamond because the diamond is engaged across the bars
  • Large included angle for strength and long life of the tool

Ordering Codes for Skiving Tools

MM-375 SK-L Natural Diamond
MM-375 SK-S Natural Diamond
FF-375 SK-L Synthetic COMPAX™ Diamond
FF-375 SK-S Synthetic COMPAX™ Diamond


Kitzel also offers complete repair and recondition service on all tooling. Our services include relapping, retipping, rebuilding and regrinding of all types of diamond and CBN tools. To discuss your tooling rework requirements, please contact us.


E. C. Kitzel & Sons, Inc.
12340 Plaza Dr.
Parma, OH 44130-1043

Tel: 216.267.6850
Toll Free: 800.227.0431 (Outside Ohio)
Fax: 216.267.6714




Kitzel: Home Collage

Ordering Info for Commutator Tools (Drawing)

  1. Specify natural or synthetic diamond
  2. Specify radius or chamfer cutting edge
  3. Specify size of radius (G) or chamfer (H).
  4. Specify back rake angle (C ).
  5. Specify type of lathe you have

Kitzel engineers will be happy to design a diamond tool to meet your exact machining requirements.

Diamond Tool Set-Up and Machining Parameters

  1. The tool should be setup with the cutting edge of the tool at the centerline of the commutator to be turned. Conventional commutator turning lathes are generally set for the tool to run at a height of .156”.
  2. Before installing the tool, be sure to remove any copper chips from inside the tool holder. The length is tightly controlled on all Kitzel tools both new and repaired. The tool should be installed perpendicular to the face of the commutator and secured tightly with the holder set screws.
  3. A synthetic diamond tool should remove between .005” and .010” of stock per side of the commutator. For lighter cuts a natural diamond tool may be considered.
  4. A commutator is best machined at 800 to1200 SFPM (Surface Feet Per Minute).
  5. A good starting feed rate is .005” IPR (Inches Per Revolution). The commutator surface finish can be controlled by speeding up or slowing down the feed rate.
  6. To ensure maximum diamond tool life, your lathe should be inspected and maintained regularly. Special care should be given to the journal bearings, end stops and drive belt.


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