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To Reduce Your Tooling Costs …

E.C. Kitzel & Sons, Inc. delivers the highest quality diamond tooling … since 1927. 

Our goal is to reduce your tooling costs by developing solutions that perform better and last longer.

Though we may use standard insert shapes, most tools we manufacture are custom engineered for maximum productivity in specific applications. We use the best materials and the most advanced production machinery to produce tools of uncompromising quality.

Precise edge preparation delivers the high performance you require.

Kitzel’s sophisticated and accurate inspection ensures you get Better Diamond Tooling Solutions.

ISO 9001 Certified

E. C. Kitzel & Sons, Inc.
4775 Manufacturing Avenue
Cleveland, Ohio 44135
Tel: 216.267.6850
Toll Free: 800.227.0431 (Outside Ohio)
Fax: 216.267.6714




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E. C. Kitzel & Sons, Inc.  l   4775 Manufacturing Avenue   l   Cleveland, Ohio 44135   l   TF: 1.800.227.0431   l   P: 216.267.6850   l    F: 216.267.6714

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